Newest Episode and Instagram Issues?

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved and you can see the post on our Instagram page :)

As always, our newest episode went live today, Wednesday 3rd February. Hurray! However when we attempted our scheduled post on our Instagram with relevant pictures for the topics discussed in the episode "Good Morning Baltimore", Instagram will not allow us to add our caption?? Confused? Yes. Miffed? 100%. We spend a lot of time curating our episode images, writing captions, hand picking appropriate pictures and coming up with our hashtags. Our Instagram is our main platform to announce our episodes and inform our listeners it is now live. Very bloody annoying in all honesty.

We do not know the reason for this issue at this time, possibly a technical issue or someone has reported us... for what we are completely unaware?! I have contacted Instagram to report the issue, so hopefully this can be resolved quickly and we can properly christen this episode.

 Background image -
"Good Morning Baltimore"

For now though, here is just an idea of what this post would be if it was allowed to exist.

“Episode 26 - Good Morning Baltimore”

In this week’s episode, we have some exciting and hopeful updates in regards to Direct Provision in Ireland. Henna gives a brief timeline of the history of the indigenous people of Canada, and explains the awful situations and abuse endured by aboriginal children in Canadian residential schools. Annaig gives an account of the Starlight Tours/Saskatoon Freezing Deaths, which were a series of systemic murders against indigenous people, particularly men committed by police. She discusses in detail the case of Neil Stonechild and briefly discusses the survivor story of Darrell Night.

With black and white images of a Canadian residential school and a photo of Neil Stonechild to compliment the episode itself. Background image -

We will keep you posted on this dilemma, hopefully we get a prompt response from Insta!

Be sure to head over to our Instagram feed to watch out for this post and our humorous content too! - @ladycuriouspodcast

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